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S. T. Gill, Colonial Artist - New Book on the Way

Samuel Thomas Gill was a prolific Australian artist of the nineteenth century. He left hundreds of wonderful images of the people, events, places and activities of colonial Australia. His work is full of life and movement capturing the story of the Australian colonies.

I have written about Gill and his contribution to our understanding of nineteenth-century Australia. He provide us with a window into life in the colonies. His images in pencil, watercolours, and sepia and his many lithographs captured the formative period of Adelaide, South Australian rural development, the Flinders Ranges, the Victorian goldfields, early Melbourne and the Victorian countryside as well as Sydney and rural New South Wales.

I completed writing recently and provided the manuscript to an editor who was very helpful in the polishing process. She also made a very positive and encouraging comment about the manuscript.

Hearty congratulations on a very readable, interesting and carefully researched historical art–biography. I found it fascinating, with all the historical background, and I think it will be a magical read with all the images in it.

Dr Christina Houen

I have selected 130 images for the book. It was difficult selecting the images as Gill was so prolific. However, I tried to have examples of the places, events and people that he painted and of the different mediums he used.

Now time to find a publisher.

Examples of Gill's work in watercolour:

Horrocks Expedition - Invalids Tent

Fryers Creek - Victorian goldfields


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