First the book now the movie!

The book (Running the Marathon with Cancer) has been launched and now the publisher, Balboa Press has released a video on U Tube. Very dramatic. Take a look -

Great Book Launch

My latest book, a memoir, titled 'Running the Marathon with Cancer' was successfully launched last night by MLA Shane Rattinbury. In his speech Shane referred to several things that stood out for him in the book, including the power of positive thinking in dealing with cancer and the fact that I dealt frankly and openly with many personal issues in the book. Over 60 people attended the launch and lots of books were sold with part of the proceeds going to Bowel Cancer Australis who have been so supportive and who posted a very nice story about me and the book (

BOOK LAUNCH – Running the Marathon with Cancer

My latest book, a memoir about love, friendships, running, self discovery and surviving colorectal cancer will be launched at 5.30pm on Tuesday 17 October. The book will be launched by ACT Greens MLA for Kurrajong Shane Rattenbury at Smiths Alternative 76 Alinga Street, Canberra City. Copies of the book will be available at a launch price of $15 with $5 from each purchase being donated to Bowel Cancer Australia.

Nineteenth-Century Death Ships

The gold rush not only brought an enormous number of people to the Australian colonies but it put considerable pressure on shipping available to bring assisted passengers to the colonies.The circumstances in the colonies created by the gold rush led to poor decisions in the early 1850's by the British authorities regarding the engagement of vessels to transport large numbers of emigrants. The decision involved charting four large American-built vessels, which could accommodate steerage passengers on two lower decks. This meant that these vessels could carry twice as many emigrants below decks. The Commissioners also relaxed the rules relating to the number of children under the age of 10 tha

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