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Colonial Artist S.T. Gill - New Book

My book about colonial artist Samuel Thomas Gill is at last soon to be released. I have used a number of Gill's wonderful images to tell the story of the Australia colonies - the people, places and events that Gill saw and recorded.

Gill's images provide a window into the colonies in the nineteenth century. His subjects include young Adelaide, the development of Port Adelaide, rural South Australia, the discovery and mining of high grade copper, the Flinders Ranges (first painting by a European artist), the Victorian goldfields, the growth of Melbourne, the growing city of Sydney, the harbour and country NewSouth Wales.

While the book is a biography of S.T. Gill it is also a history of the colonies in the nineteenth century. Readers will be able to delve into colonial history assisted by Gill's artwork and at the same time follow Gill's life from his arrival in Adelaide in 1838 to his tragic death on the steps of the Melbourne Post office in 1880.

The publisher, Shawline Publishing Group, will be releasing the book on 20 September (more information on the book on:


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