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Book: Farewell to Old England Forever

One of the 44 illustrations in my book: Farewell to Old England Forever. This one is the ship Cutty Sark.
No 10 - Cutty Sark.jpg
Review by Shey Saints
The review below was posted by Shey Saints on Amazon & Facebook.


Farewell to Old England Forever is a 19th century Australian emigration story by Doug Limbrick. This non-fiction book’s re-telling of one of the crucial parts of the Australian history was made possible by the author through manuscripts, diaries, letters, logs, and other sources of factual events.



Because I am incapable of retaining loads of information about dates, events, and figures, it has always been a dreadful thing for me to read history. But because I am also always curious about things, I constantly find myself reading challenging books. And I am so glad I read this one! I was utterly impressed by the author’s ability to make a historical book as decipherable and fascinating as it can be! Considering the tables showing population per type of people that settled in Australia, as well as the calendar of events, and a glossary of terms, the author really aimed to make this book an easy reference to Australia’s emigration process and history.


I’m giving this book 5 out of 5 stars. It was well-written, well-researched, has pristine formatting and editing, and contains beautiful illustrations/photos/painting. This book is of high quality! I highly recommend it to readers who would like to feed their knowledge of the fascinating history of the Australian emigration.

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