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MORE GREAT REVIEWS - Book: Death Ships

Two more wonderful reviews of my book Death Ships appeared on Saturday 20 November 2021 in The Canberra Times and the Bendigo Advocate.

The Canberra Times reviewer Mark Thomas made some pleasing comments about the book and about the author. His review is lengthy so I will only provide some of his comments:

'Historians' focus ... has been on the bosses who steered, navigated and fought ships, rather than on those passengers who merely endured a long voyage across the seas.

In Death Ships, Canberra author Doug Limbrick seeks to correct that emphasis by recounting the story of 4782 emigrants to Australia in 1852.

Many died en route, and, "of those who arrived the experience was horrific."

Limbrick is a well-qualified, experienced guide.

This story fits with his wider body of research and publications about emigration to Australia during the 19th century.

Limbrick is expert at clear, straightforward explanations of nautical oddities.

Limbrick's command of detail is intimate, intricate, consistent, even affectionate about ships and the sea.

Descendants of those who lived through the voyages chronicled by Limbrick now have his book as their memorial.'

The book covers the 1852 voyages to the Australian colonies on board six large North American built ships: Wanata, Ticonderoga, Shackamaxon, Beejapore, Marco Polo and Bourneuf. Copies are now available in book shops, from the publisher, Shawline Publishing ( or from the author (


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