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Book: Running the Marathon with Cancer

Just received notification that an article on my memoir: Running the Marathon with Cancer has been include in a website that circulates inspirational stories. The website is caller "Transformers". The convenor of the website, Shari Roberts, found my story as told in my memoir to be inspirational. Her email to website followers included the following:

Hello Transformers. I have a story that is going to knock your socks off about the strength of the human spirit and the power of positivity.

Doug Limbrick, a well known Australian author was diagnosed with cancer 3-days before running his 21st marathon. What should have been a straightforward surgery and recovery turned into a 6 month battle to survive.

Doug wrote about his battle in "Running the Marathon With Cancer" which can be purchased on his website at:

Shari L. Roberts

Founder of Transformations by Shari, LLC"


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