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Cancer Recovery & Exercise

Media Coverage

Lots of recent media coverage about the importance of exercise during treatment for cancer including while having chemotherapy. Oncologists and other doctors and recommending exercise concurrently with treatment.


The side effects from chemotherapy can be very difficult to cope with. Doctors are now recommending vigorous exercise during chemotherapy as a way of mentally and physically coping with the side effects. This was my experience during my six months of chemotherapy.

Surviving Cancer

Exercise not only assists in coping with treatment but can assist greatly in surviving cancer.

Preventing Reoccurrence

The reports go further and say that vigorous exercise can prevent a reoccurrence of cancer. The recommended exercise is running.

Running with Cancer

These reports coincide with my experience in dealing with colorectal cancer. Running helped me both mentally and physically during treatment, recovery and rehabilitation. I am now cancer free and continue to run having recently completed another marathon. My story about having cancer with many complications and about running is told in my memoir: 'Running the Marathon with Cancer' (see

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