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Great Review of Death Ships

A wonderful review of my latest book Death Ships by Jeff Popple appeared in the Canberra Weekly on Thursday 21 October 2021.

Death Ships by Doug Limbrick

Shawline, $22.95

Canberra author Doug Limbrick provides a fascinaring glimpse into a little-known aspect of Australian history with his account of the tragic voyage of six large, disease-ridden ships in the 1850s. The discovery of gold in 1851 had a huge effect on the local economy with most of the available workforce seeking their fortune on the goldfields. The wool industry was particularly badly hit, forcing the closure of mills in England. In Death Ships, Limbrick provides a compelling account of the disastrous attempt to send nearly 5,0O0 emigrants to Australia to overcome the worker shortage. Well researched and very interesting.

Jeff Popple, CanberraWeekly, 21 October 2021.


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